Thanks for stopping by Mrs Maguire’s Candles and we hope you have the time to take a browse through our site and see what wonderful candles we have on offer.  Here at Mrs Maguire’s Candles, our handmade candles are crafted with only the finest soy and palm wax, and the finest fragrance oils.

Our candles are poured fresh when you order them, with the scent distributed throughout the entire candle. This allows for the fragrance to last for the entire burn of the candle, unlike typical store bought candles.

Our candles will not only smell incredible, but they burn clean. This means there is virtually no wasted wax!

We have been offering our high quality candles online for almost 7 years. Mrs Maguire’s Candles offers outstanding customer service that matches the quality of our candles. We take pride in our workmanship and we strive to be your favorite candle company!

Christmas Range now in stock!!!!

Apple Jack
Holly & Ivy
Orange & Myrrh

And many great gift ideas now available.  For more details contact Mrs Maguire at;